Is it Everyone Or No One With Time Clocks?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about hours clocked:

Is it discrimination for some employees to punch a time clock while others don’t have to? All employees are union.

Signed, Wondering about time clock unfairness

Dear Wondering about time clock unfairness:

If your workplace is unionized your union representative would have resources for providing an answer to your question. However, I can provide some thoughts in a general sense.No, it is not discrimination to have different work rules within the same work setting–unless there are violations of state or federal laws or union contracts, requiring some consistency.Time clocks work well for having a mechanical record of when people are at work. There can be no favoritism or mistakes if an employee puts a card into a clock and it punches the time on it. This is better for most people and organizations than having everyone report to a supervisor to verify they are ready for work at the assigned time, or that they are leaving at the correct time. Some work does not lend itself to that method, because employees may often arrive late but stay late due to work requirements, or arrive early, and go home early to avoid getting overtime pay. A time clock is also not necessary when supervisors or managers can easily see when someone is present, for example in a small workplace where someone has either turned on their computer for the day or they have not, for example.

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