Their Hours Are Different!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about hours favoritism:

I do not know if this qualifies as favoritism, but our workday is from 8-5 with 1 hour lunch, Mon-Fri. At one point, two of the employees were asked to come in early, at 7 a.m. to work on a project. The project has since been completed and the two employees have decided they like the new hours and getting off early. The manager told them they should go back to the old hours, but have not listened.

This Manager told the owner, but the owner in the manager’s words “has not made a decision.” The two guys want to get off early merely for convenience and personal reasons. One lives 45 minutes away and wants to beat traffic and the other started on a softball team. I simply want to be able to have the same hours as they as I have things I would like to do after work, and to “beat traffic” as well. They work in the warehouse and I am office, but I also work in warehouse when needed. Since the two are able to “make their own hours,” do I have the right to make mine? Can I come and go without being fired? Company is about 10 of us.

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