Accountant Given HR Responsibilities

Question submitted to Ask the Workplace Doctors about being hired as an accountant but given HR responsibilities.

I started with this company 9 months ago as a Accounts Payable and then got promoted to staff accountant right after my probation period of three months ended. I was put in the situation where I had to help with HR related work since we do not have a dedicated HR person. Few months later my boss got fired and our entire team changed. My new boss keeps taking away my accounting work and keep giving it to the senior accountant (who doesn’t like me since I am much younger than her and know the business a little more than she does). Her and other new people in our department keep making personal comments on my appearance to the point where I go home and cry myself to bed every night. Should I just quit my job because the company dynamics are changed?

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There are Affair Rumors About My Husband and a Co-Worker. Can HR Help?

A question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about how to handle a situation
in which there are affair rumors about two people who travel together.
Can HR do anything to help? 


I found out (rumors only) from many people that my husband who is a manager is having an affair with a coworker. She doesn’t report to him, but they work on many projects together. One of the things on how this got started was their continually texting each other (company paid phones) and travel trips together. Is there anything HR can do? As an ethics situation, can one or both be removed from working together? We all work for the same company. My work has been declining as I am so stressed over the situation.

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