Humiliated At Work

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about being corrected:

I was taking first grade students out for a fire drill in a class where I had only been twice. The regular teacher was in the room when the alarm went off and I had just begun taking attendance. I asked her which door to take the students. I thought she pointed to the far door. I took the students out, but realized that I was separated from some students when I tried to take attendance.

The teacher aide loudly announced “we are missing a lot.” The main teacher was down the block with the other students and told me she had the rest. When we came back to the class I felt humiliated when she sternly told me I had taken the wrong exit and that I must wait for all of them if they are separated. She said the children could have complained that they were lost and I would have gotten into trouble. I felt like one of the students. I need help getting over feeling depressed and humiliated.

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