Sick Co-Worker Liability Issue

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about contagious sickiness:

Worker OK’ed to return to work with doctor’s excuse after pneumonia. This worker was still coughing. Now another worker is sick with diagnosed pneumonia. How can we legally protect ourselves. We are worried about loss of wages if we get sick. Can a doctor be held legally accountable?

Signed, Don’t Want To Be Exposed

Dear┬áDon’t Want To Be Exposed:

It is always good to be concerned about one’s health and well being, especially as it is related to the workplace, since absence from work could effect one’s “take home pay.” Doctors can be held legally accountable, but this is for malpractice. In all likely hood, the worker who had a doctor’s excuse to return to work, was healthy enough to do so, with no fever and no contagious condition. Respiratory problems can move quickly through a congested area. The best treatment is prevention. Take the flu/pneumonia shots. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables; get lots of sleep and/or rest. At the first signs of possible flu/pneumonia, see your doctor. As for your concern about loss of wages if you should get sick, your company should have sick leave provisions that would protect your wages. Best of luck.

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