Need Work Papers For Immigration Now!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about immigration:

I have been employed by a company for a month, and I am still in Probation period. But because of my immigration status I must collect some documents which have to be issued by my employer. I need them as soon as possible. I have requested documents to the company HR staff and the response I got from HR is that they are short staffed right now, so I cannot get my documents until I finish my probation period.If I do not get my immigration paperwork done as soon as possible, my work permit will be canceled.I think since I have been hired, I do have the right to get documents from the company that are required to show I’m working here.Do I really need to wait two more month? HR staff asked me to work on this matter with my manager and my manager told me that she has been put on hold about this matter, because I am too new to get documents.What now?

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