What To Do About Creepy Coworker

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about coworker imposing on another:

There is an assistant to the boss’s boss three cubes down who has creepy behavior. For the past three years since I started working here he has repeatedly: –called my phone and let it ring once, sometimes saying aloud to himself he doesn’t know what he’s doing. –walked into my cubicle and out again saying he doesn’t know where he’s going. I have since moved my cubicle from next to his to three cubicles down and this seems to have worked, but he still stands outside –stared in at me in my cubicle, sometimes making comments, like is so-and-so here? then walking around to all the cubicles and saying, no, so-and-so isn’t here until he gets to my cubicle last and going oh, so-and-so’s here, no one’s here but you and me. –making a point to tell me when my boss was in a meeting, at lunch, on vacation or he didn’t know where my boss was or where everybody went if they all happen to be out of the office (he’s not my assistant) –following me when I enter or leave the building for lunch or when I’m late.

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