Not Enough Information To Complete Tasks Properly

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about inadequate training:

I became employed at my job three weeks ago, and I have been having issues there pretty much since my second day. I work in a store at my local mall. I’m part of the price support team, which means that I make sure that clothing prices get marked down every week. I like the actual responsibility of doing that task, but I do not like the way in which I have been trained to carry out the tasks that are expected of me.

My first day working, the employee who is in-training to become the leader of the price support team, showed me and a couple of other new employees, how to use the pricing gun and how to find the pieces of clothing that need to be marked down. Basically, each employee in the pricing team gets a form every morning that lists the section of the store in which he or she will be working and the specific brand names and pieces of clothing under those brand names, that need to be marked down for that week. So I thought that was easy enough to follow.

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