Coworker Thinks She’s Funny–At My Expense

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about long-time secretary nosy remarks:

In the office there’s an administrative secretary with 20+ yrs seniority who has a weird sense of humor. For example, if someone is leaving early, as they pass by her desk (located right across the manager’s office) the secretary would say out loud “leaving already Ms Xyz!? why so early?” and stuff like that.

I’ve worked in the same office for 11 yrs b/c of location, but none of the people in the office is related to me by chain of command… let’s say that is a production office related to the business’ core activities, and my line of work is more like support, financial services, IT, etc. What happened was I was in a private conference room having an online web conference with coworkers from other state, and we took a break. I stepped out of the room, and turned off the light b/c there was nobody there but my laptop.

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