Justifying My Own Job

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about an incompetent boss:

I have been with my company for one year as a senior manager – global audit and compliance manager. My boss is incompetent, and I am very competent. As I have gone about my work, I have identified many flaws in workplace systems and processes that have, frankly, demonstrated my boss’s inadequacies. BUT, he reports directly to the board. I have yet to meet anyone above my boss, and now out of the blue, he tells me that my role is likely to be cut from the business and I should put together a paper that justifies my job! I am the only qualified person he has in his entire business.What approach should I take? The man is obviously threatened by me (I’m female), and he’s trying to move me out using budget concerns as an excuse to get rid of me.What should I do? How should I structure my paper?

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