Impact Of Talk Radio On Productivity

Question to the Workplace Doctors about a popular talk-show voice on radio :

Is there a study that concludes that listening to what Rush Limbaugh says impacts the productivity or accuracy in the workplace?


In Our Ears

DearĀ In Our Ears:

I don’t know what is on talk radio in your workplace, but I assume you and your coworkers hear what Rush has to say. Is there a study to assess his or other talk commentators impact on productivity and/or accuracy within the work environment? I doubt that that has been studied. You have come up with another research question for organizational communication and psychology scholars. What might you expect would be his influence; that productivity would be higher from those who had his values and lower from those who did not? Or that there would be more willingness to support or confront authority? Or that his voice and ideas distract or motivate? Yours is an interesting question and I welcome learning why you ask and what is your opinion

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