Interrupting Conversation At Meetings

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about disturbing conduct in meetings.

We have a Lion’s member, who is constantly interrupting others when speaking at our Lion’s meetings. How can we tactfully stop her from talking out of turn so much? Some member are so disgusted with her, they actually want to quit our club.

Signed, Tactful

Dear Tactful:

Apparently, you and other club members are so tactful that you tolerate rude behavior. When young, we should have learned turn-taking. When in school, our instructors insisted or should insisted on polite interaction. When in a work staff meeting, a wise leader holds those there to speak to the agenda and prevents anyone from monopolizing the deliberations.Your head Lion ought to tighten up the conduct within a meeting. It is she/he who sets forth the order of a session and that calls for establishing a friendly climate and reasonably, but not slavishly, attending to the agenda.

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