My Co-worker’s Interviewing Elsewhere

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about interviewing during working hours:

I co-worker informed me that he would be interviewing with a different company during business hours. Do I let the supervisor know where he is?

Signed, Informed

DearĀ Informed:

No, is my short answer. Is it your job to report where your co-worker is? Your question is short but it raises a number of questions and issues that might underpin you writing us. For example, if you think your co-worker doing this might get him in trouble, frankly tell him that. Better than tell, ask him if he thinks this might. Even if you think his behavior is cheating your organization, get up your courage and tell this co-worker that, not his supervisor. Possibly you think that him doing this is unwise and might put you in an awkward position, one in which you would not want to lie. Tell him you will not lie and if your supervisor asks, it is my advice not to lie. Rather, tell your coworker you will say, “You’ll have to ask him.” Or you might think your co-worker interviewing with another employer during business hours is disloyal. Yet interviewing for another job outside of business hours is not disloyal; is it? Ask yourself if doing so during business hours is really that different. Or you might think such an interview harms productivity. But how much? Is it really a serious loss to your company?

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