Coworker Kicks Chairs and Intimidates

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about intimidating coworker:

I work in the healthcare industry. My coworker has no patients and gets very frustrated at the drop of a dime. He kicks chairs, tanks phone lines and intimates patients and coworkers. Everyone is scared of him and won’t report him because, if he finds out who reported him, he will confront that person.

Signed, Worried

Dear Worried:

Your situation can explain how people who are mean and bullying get their power. No matter how upsetting the mean person is, most people don’t want to do anything about it and they nearly always say it is because they don’t want the person to be mad at them. However, if he’s treating you badly, you’re not losing a friend. If you think he would kill you or injure you seriously, you have even a worse problem and should certainly take action! If not, you will only be uncomfortable for a few minutes when he confronts you, but at least you will have done something to stop the situation. I’ll tell you, further on in this response, how to deal with him if he confronts you. If what you say is exactly true, your coworker has probably done what he wants for long enough that he thinks he can get by with it. He may not even think anyone minds.

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