How To Tell Manager He’s Crowding My Space?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about crowding:

My senior manager is using my cubicle. How can I ask him to leave my cubicle.?

Signed, Hesitant But Frustrated

Dear Hesitant But Frustrated:

The biggest issue is why he is using your cubicle. If that is where specific equipment is or if he has better access to files, he may feel he has to work there. But, if he is simply using it because it’s a convenient place to sit, I can well understand how frustrating it would be. Or, if he is there because he wants to converse with you to an unusual extent, that would be a big problem too. Could you ask him if he would rather you work in another area, so he could use your cubicle easier? Or, is it possible for you to make it a bit more obvious that you cannot get your own work done while he is using your space?

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