Perfumes She Wears Flares Up My Nose

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about Irritating Perfume

I work in a family practice, one of our doctors wears/bathes in perfume that I know when she is in the building before I see her. No one else complains or acts like this is bothering them. The perfumes she wears instantly flare up my nose and this causes me to get irritated, I have actually used some medical orange scented spray to try to neutralize , but I am too busy to continue this on a daily basis! Now the reason I haven’t approached the office manager is because when many times I have mentioned that perfumes/colognes should not be used in a medical office, she blows it off. We do have a few signs that say not to wear perfumes as they may cause migraines or allergies to other patients or office staff.

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Perfume Worn By Medical Assistant Is Too Strong!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about strong perfume:

What is the rule on wearing perfume in a doctor’s office? The back office medical assistant wears a lot of perfume. What can I do?

Signed, Holding My Nose

DearĀ Holding My Nose:

We have many questions in our archives about fragrances and odors at work. There is no rule about it except the rules established by individual workplaces. If you have an office manager perhaps you can discuss it with her, because clearly there needs to be a rule about fragrances in a medical office.

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