Promotional Jealousy

Question to Ask the  Workplace Doctors about jealousy over promotion:

I was recently promoted to manager over two of my peers who had actually been in the department longer than I have. I’ve been there 21 years; one has been there 29 years and the other 33 years.We are all supervisors and now I will be their supervisor and they feel that they should’ve gotten the job. How do I handle this jealousy and what should I do, if anything, to curtail any tension?

Signed, Uneasy

Dear Uneasy:

You are no new hire; 21 years on the job is not really much different in tenure than those two in the department who you will now supervise. Longer tenure is not the major criteria for who is promoted. From here, I assume that those who made the decision to promote you to manager two peers, based it on your competence and ability to work with people. Take quiet pride and assurance in that.

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