Setting Me Up to Fire Me

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about second language change from editing only Spanish to also editing English:

I’ve written before about the fact that my manager, who oversees work where we all edit Spanish documents, insists we speak English, in spite of the difficulty in doing that when our minds are working in Spanish. Now, I have a related problem. My coworkers also work in the Spanish Department. They were hired to edit Spanish writing only. Now, the boss is asking them to edit English as well. They informed the boss when they were hired that their English writing and editing is below average since their strong suit is Spanish and they are native Spanish speakers (born and raised in Hispanic countries.The boss gave them an ultimatum: Either you edit English correctly or “it will not be pretty” for you. They will also be evaluated like native English speakers that have Bachelors and Masters in English Literature and Journalism. It feels like a Catch-22. Is this ethical? Can they set an employee up to get fired?

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