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Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about job hopping history.

I have a very good C.V. with many accomplishments but I just get concerns about I have too many jobs-ten in the last 10 years and many of those were temporary. I know that there is in the mind of employers the question: Is it a personality problem or clinical skills? How to circumvent this problem?

Signed, Ten In Ten–Too Many?

Dear┬áTen In Ten–Too Many?:

If you have a good Curriculum Vita, you have both a good educational background and on the job experience. But probably you are correct in sensing that so many job changes can be perceived as you not being able to hold a job because of poor interpersonal disposition or lack of skills in your profession. You don’t detail why you’ve shifted from job to job; therefore, from here, it’s impossible to know if such a perception is accurate.The hard fact of our times is that temporary is the rule rather than the exception. Only you can analyze the why of your job changes, but the important thing is to not obsess with imagined personality or clinical inadequacies. Now is a time to focus on doing the best you can where you are and meanwhile determining what you might do to find a job fit that provides the stability that your question implies you want.

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