How To Turn Down A Job Offer From A Friend?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about a job offer from a friend:

I used to have a graphics designer job in the city but about six months ago I was able to start working in my hometown. I’m enjoying my work and my office and I get to save a lot because things are cheaper here. I still do some graphic design work out from home.A few weeks ago one of my best friends in college who works for a very popular but young design studio in the city told me that he referred me to the studio owners and they wanted to interview me for a position. I am very hesitant about moving back to the city and when I went to the interview, I stated my hesitation and that I might opt for a project-based collaboration instead of a full-time job. I am very much happy in my current job but I want to collaborate with a popular studio too. But they were insistent with me joining their team full-time and gave an offer.

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