Leaving A Job Due To Job-related Illness

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about job-related illness:

I live in CT and am a quality control inspector in a tea distribution center. My primary job responsibility keeps me in direct contact with the teas, most of which have strong flavor additives. My eye doctor has been treating me for 3+ years for an ongoing eye condition, which he strongly feels is job related. I have had to use steroid eye drops most of this time to deal with the problem, but am told it is not in my best interest to do so on a long-term basis. What is the wisest way to go about leaving my job so that I will qualify for unemployment benefits? Does a letter accompany a written resignation from my doctor sufficient? Or do I first need to give my employer an opportunity to offer me another position, which I already know would not alleviate the problem, since there is airborne tea dust virtually everywhere in the facility?

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