Supervisors Bend Over Backward

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about lazy supervisor:

Our supervisor, who is lazy and stubborn, lets everyone else do the job she is supposed to do. Her supervisors bend over backwards to accommodate her. We are the ones who are busy while she sits and does things at her own pace. Her supervisors told us everything does not have to be done and that it will be done eventually. Which means, she calls on us to do the work, while she can do whatever she does at her own pace. Nothing has changed even under new management. No one wants to deal with her. We don’t want to just let it go while she tries to pull their philosophy on us. Not everything has to be done, but it needs to get done. Oh, guess what we are being documented, by the supervisors. When we leave work, they have their own special meetings. I have never been treated like a nothing.

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