What Can I Do to Prevent a Repeat of Problem Behavior By a Colleague Toward Younger Staff?

A Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors: What should I do to ensure my staff
is treated appropriately by someone
who has behaved inappropriately in the past?  


I have a male colleague who has placed several junior staff (15-20+ years younger; mostly but not entirely female) in uncomfortable situations over the years: getting drunk to the point that they have to take him home to his wife since he can’t stand up straight (injuring themselves accidentally in the process), calling female colleagues while drunk and then lying to his wife about who he’s talking to, getting drunk in front of clients and having colleagues need to “clean up” after (including both helping him as he throws up as well as dealing with the clients), and so on.

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My Boss Wants Me To Do Leadership Training

A Letter to Ask the Workplace Doctors about Leadership Training


My boss asked me to incorporate leadership training into our Conference department to help benefit the team as a whole. I was eager to begin working on this, as I reflect back to my college experiences both in your class and the organizations I was involved in. Not only am I referencing team building activities I learned, but I’ve also started reading your books to help lead me in the right direction for my team.

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Employee Development Planning

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about leadership.

Areas I would like to in=mprove in as a Lead, Supply Technician.

Signed, Wanting Some Ideas

Dear Wanting Some Ideas:

Hello and thanks for contacting us. I’m glad you’re asking about professional development, because I would like for you to look at your question (really, just a statement not even a question) as you wrote it. Consider what your Number One developmental need might be! I think you will see that it is probably in communications in general and written communications, specifically. I say that with a good heart and a smile, and want you to know that many people have similar improvement needs–but the improvement can be accomplished with some work and extra effort.You are apparently a Supply Technician who would like to become a Lead (Supervisory or Team Leader Role) or you are currently a Team Leader or Senior Supply Technician and have been asked to develop some professional development plans for yourself. This might be part of regular evaluation programs in your organization or it could be you have been asked to do this as a way to improve your performance.

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