I Peeked

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about boss talks about coworkers:

My boss talks to me a lot about my co-workers and problems he is having with them. I feel uncomfortable about this but want to stay on his good side so I don’t say anything about it. I recently noticed he was acting differently towards me. I’m not sure why but then a co-worker told me “to watch my back as the boss was after me”. I then saw a file on his desk (out in the open is his work space and the file was right there). I looked in the file and saw a list of minor things that had occurred over the last week; such as I questioned a process, etc. I know I should not have looked in this file but that’s done now. What should I do now? Why is he writing these things down about me? I like the job a lot, but just don’t know how to handle the boss. He turns on everyone and many people within the large company have told me to watch out for he is a big problem for many.

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