Necessary To Say Goodnight?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about goodbyes:

Is it necessary to say goodnight to everyone when leaving work at the end of the day?

Signed, Unsure

DearĀ Unsure:

Whether or not you say goodnight to each person depends upon the size of the workplace and the nature of the work. If you can look around the office and say goodnight, it’s courteous to do so. If you have to go office to office, it’s usually not expected. If others are working with clients or on the phone, it would be disruptive. So, the best way to know is to observe what almost all others do, especially those who seem the most accepted in their performance, behavior and personal style at work. If that doesn’t provide enough of a clue, ask a friend in the workplace what he or she thinks. Or, ask a manager.Many people feel that a quick goodbye with a smile, is a good way to end the day, just as a brief good morning is a good way to start it.

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