Terminated By Overseas Company!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about being fired impersonally:

This is not the first time I am writing to you. I find your advice very positive and helpful. I have been 2 years in my current job and a total of 6 years working for the European Finance Center of an American company in Spain. The company strategy is to move jobs to low cost locations in order to achieve a better % of cost per revenue. I have been told 10 days ago that I have to leave the company by end of 2005 because it is planned that my current responsibilities move to India.I feel very upset with the situation as a whole. Many people will have to leave the company and the process of selecting impacted individuals is in my opinion terribly unfair. While in US and other locations, managers are leaving, which make sense as there will be less employees to manage, and they are the ones also making the most money, here in Europe, this is different. Employees are dismissed so that their managers can take over the part of their jobs not moved to India and stay as individual contributors.My counterparts in US also do not understand what is happening. I think this is not coincident with the company strategy and also it is not fair to do this to good and committed employees. This is happening not just in my team, but also throughout all organizations.

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