Disappointed in my Manager. Should I Talk to Her?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about losing a week’s  pay : Two weeks ago I really got sick, lost my voice, couldn’t go to work, so I called my work that same morning to inform them. The other manager picked up, said she understood and wished me well, that was it. I lost pay because I didn’t bring a doctor’s note within 48 hours.

I am really disappointed with my manager. I’ve been working at the place for 3 months now and just got my contract renewed which apparently was hard to do. That’s what my manager said; she told me she really had to fight for my spot as other were getting fired. Other than that, I thought she is good at what she does, uses constructive and fair criticism and gives compliments on a job well done, of which I got a lot throughout my time working there. I’m very good at what I do; others have said it, and I always do my best.

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