What To Do About Loud Nose Blowing?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about loud nose blowing:

I work with an employee who blows her nose several times a day. She has her own office, but won’t close the door. It sounds like the warning blow of a stampeding herd of elephants. So o o embarrassing when we have visitors!! We are a quiet publishing company – otherwise.

Signed, Tired Of The Trumpeting

Dear Tired Of The Trumpeting:

I gather that the coworker has been blowing her nose in the same noisy way for a considerable length of time—maybe months or even years. It will be difficult to deal with it after that amount of time, which highlights how important it is to say something about such problems, early on.You don’t indicate that you have talked to her already. If you have talked to her nicely and in a clear way, asking that she help you by closing the door so the sounds don’t distract clients and coworkers, but she continues to do it, it’s time to talk to a manager or supervisor.

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