A Loud Political Insider

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about coworker with loud political opinions:

By the way, I love the Workplace Doctors Column. I’ve been reading it for a few years now, but I never thought I’d be asking a question, so here goes. I’ve never dealt with a situation quite like this in more than 20 years of office-type work. I’ve been located in all different types of work environments (in open-office work areas, regular cubes, regular offices) and I’ve successfully worked alongside many different types of people. But never one quite like this. Within the past several months, an employee from another section within my division moved to the office next to me. By the way, these are technically offices, but the walls are very, very thin. Even when a person next to you closes his/her door, you can basically hear everything. So, the gentleman who moved next to me is a senior staff member (once in a management position) who is quite loud, in general.

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