Shocked By Bad Report Of My Work!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about low evaluation:

I was recently hired at a technology company that specializes in outsourcing people to client sites. Everything is going great within the company and my role is reported to various senior managers and company founders. I was assigned an important role within the organization that is visible and effects the reputation of many people. Having said that, the company initiated a first project at a client site, and I participated in the learning process. I met with senior managers of the client and everything was going very well until I actually began working with the lower chain of employees. In front of me they were cheerful, and we seemed to get along great. The work was going on for about a month, and I have completed my task in its entirety. After the task was completed, I contacted various people who are involved at the client site to make sure things are ok and if there are any problems. I received no reply.

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