Feeling Humiliated By My Manager

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about manager humiliation:

I’m a female cashier with about 2 months at my job. My manager at my job has verbally humiliated me twice in front of other employees and customers.The first time was when I had informed him about unfulfilled tasks that were supposed to be done by the day crew (I was working a graveyard at the time) and even showed proof of this. I was told by him, incredibly sarcastically, “I will let her know that you said she wasn’t doing her job”Another time that same night I talked to him about lack of cleanliness in the break room, since there is a memo from the company asking everyone to clean up after themselves. Again the sarcastic tone saying it was night crew’s job and the day crew didn’t have time. We were in front of a male coworker was when he said this to me. I know that this is untrue as coworkers who use the break room often come in early before their shift.

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