Employee Affair Causing Hostile Environment

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about manager flaunting an affair:

I work in the production department of a large firm in Western Maryland. A high-ranking corporate executive (who is married) is having an affair with one of my married colleagues. They flaunt their relationship within our workplace and act like honeymooners to the disgust of many of us. They have created an extremely uncomfortable and hostile work environment in our area.

The corporate manager having the affair has warned us continually not to talk to others or to his wife about this behavior, and has even asked us to cover up certain things (like removing records) to protect him. He yells at us and we feel that our jobs are in jeopardy if we say anything to others or refuse to help him. Several of us asked the company CEO to step in and help us out, but instead we found out that he is their friend; fully supports the affair; and has actually been facilitating and enabling their relationship from the beginning. His other corporate manager friends are doing the same (some for fear of their jobs as well). They don’t seem to care about the disruptions they are causing others. I don’t know what to do. Help.

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