Too Many Bosses

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about many different bosses:

I work in a medical organization and feel that I simply have too many bosses. I work for 20 doctors, essentially at random. One of them is my “primary supervising physician” from a legal standpoint, and the others are all “back-up supervising physicians” from a legal standpoint. My official supervisor is a non-physician (and has no legal authority to supervise my medical work, which constitutes 99.99% of what I do). She is the one who gives performance evaluations and disciplinary actions. In addition, one of the physicians functions as a physician representative/physician manager over our group. Plus there is an office manager (that I don’t report to, but she has twice issued official disciplinary action against me) and my supervisor’s supervisor, who is an assistant vice president. Help—what can I do about this situation if anything?

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