Falsification of Contract

 Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about being marginalized after returning from maternity leave.

I have a colleague, who was hired as my assistant, when I TUPE’d across to my new company. I co-signed their contract on behalf of the company before going on maternity leave under the instructions of my manager, who also told me this colleague would be the person he wanted to cover during my maternity. I trained and got all the starter paper work sorted for this individual before I left for my leave, at which point the relationship between us was very good.

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Asked Too Much About OB Leave Date

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about expected birth date:

Is it legal for employers/supervisors to constantly ask when your OB DR. will be restricting your work or “putting you out”.

Signed, Tired of being asked

Dear Tired of being asked:

It would be frustrating to be asked frequently about your leave date, but it is not illegal unless some aspect of it is a violation of EEO laws regarding making your work life harassing, clearly based on your gender or pregnancy status.perhaps you can lessen the asking somewhat. Get a letter that states exactly when you will be likely to leave. Don’t rely on your verbal statements, instead get the letter. Have your doctor put in the letter what work restrictions you’ll have before then, if any.Then, submit the letter and explain how frustrating it is to be asked over and over about it. Say that you will be working right until you need to leave.If you have already submitted such a letter, ask if there’s a reason they keep discussing it with you.

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