Nasty Boss

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctor about:

I have been in my job for about 4 months and i am having a problem with my boss. She yells at me every day, in front of the entire office, which is completely humiliating. When i first started there was another girl that she use to yell at and humiliate,this girl was off sick for 1 day and she called her all sorts(Ii recall being disgusted by her behaviour) this girl finally had enough and walked out. Now she’s doing the same to me, i go home in tears every night and dread going to work. At work I sit in fear all day, scared as soon as she says my name.I have been doing my job as well as the girls job who left. I don’t even have time to eat in work because I”m so busy with the extra workload. I have been making more mistakes because of this. I’m starting to feel like I”m stupid and incompetent. I’m scared to even talk to her about it because she frightens me. This makes me feel even more pathetic and useless.I really want to leave this job but am scared with the current economic situation that i wont find anything else, I really don’t know what to do.

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Mean Boss

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about boss who overloads and curses when employee is ill:

I have a very stubborn manager who always is putting her work on me and then acts as if she does everything and has not time to catch up when really the time is being wasted. I have so much work I often come in sick. Today I called in two hours before my shift to tell her I’ve been up ill all evening. She starts cursing and saying that I have to come, that she has an apt and never gets any time off. What should I do, I find myself getting extremely frustrated?

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