Medical Leave Questions

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about an employer’s request for an employee’s medical information:

Please tell me as an employer what kind of questions can I ask the doctor about an employee’s medical leave of absence?

Signed, Wanting To Do The Right Thing

Dear Wanting To Do The Right Thing:

Our site focuses primarily on workplace communication issues, rather than issues related to personnel law and HR practices. I will mention a few resources for the legal aspect, and close with a few thoughts about the communication part of it.
*If you have an organization with a Human Resources section or personnel section, you may find assistance there. Apparently you are not a large business, or you would have already had that assistance.
*A good HR site on the internet is
*If your employee comes under the Family Medical Leave Act, the government site that covers that will be useful.
*If your employee was injured on the job your state’s Department of Labor would be your best resource.I

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