Listening and Sending Memos & E-mail

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about:

How to listen? How to write memos/emails to fellow workers?

Signed, How To

Dear How To:

Listening is more than hearing. We hear much more than we listen to. All of us are bombarded with thousands of ads each week, but although the maker of the ads wants us to buy, we do not attend to them unless they have special appeals to our needs or wants. Listening at work is different. It is making sense of what one hears; making sure you hear the words uttered that are directed for you, asking what is the purpose of them, and what you are expected to learn and/do. And it is responding with your eyes, face, and body signals that you are there. Listening means not interrupting. It also means asking what, when, why and how questions that are relevant when and if needed.

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