Coworker Does Less But I Have to Do More

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about allocation of work load:

I work in a part time permanent position as an educator & thoroughly enjoy the role except for a major problem. A coworker is employed more days than I chose to work yet he has a considerably less workload. This person dramatizes their personal life, exaggerates the work they perform and uses endearing terms (love /gorgeous) instead of rightful names. He describes himself as bold and states he has stood up to people throughout his working life and that he doesn’t like to be told what to do. He sure presents as very confident and over powering. He spends a considerable time making personal calls; arrives late to work most days and leaves early and the manager has handed over both a considerable number of his teaching days and marking duties to other teachers explaining he is behind due to not coping for personal reasons. The manager told me this is an ongoing problem and seems impatient with him but she appears unable to correct the behavior. This week I was asked to fill in for three of this co-worker’s teaching days over three weeks but refused, explaining that would give me double the teaching hours despite being employed less days- not to mention the marking I have piling up from more teaching days over the last weeks. Despite the cost cutting measures of this workplace, a casual staff has been employed to fill in the days.

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