Problems With Boss and HR

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about new job and misrepresented working hours:

In my interview with a potential new boss, he told me I would be working full time making “X” amount of money. I’ve been here a month and I barely work 2 full days a week, so I’m not making the money he says. I told HR my dilemma and they sided with my boss to which I said “shame on him for telling me this is full time making “x” amount of money.”

HR then told me I am border line insubordinate. I told her I’m ending this conversation and hanging up as I don’t mean to be insubordinate. I said, “Good bye” and hung up. Will you please explain to me what exactly you call this scenario and what should have been said between HR and me? Was I wrong? I found out boss is an alcoholic and attends AA & also he screams at workers every day, including at me. HR (in another state) says nothing to that. I told HR, “It’s not a privilege to abuse anyone and I’m not going to take this abuse” but still no change.

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