What To Tell Employee Accused of Theft

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about who stole money:

A large amount of cash went missing at work. A search of everyone was initiated but not completed for all. One individual was found with large amounts of cash; however, he disclosed prior to the search that he had this in his possession. The search was called off as it was determined the money had been left unattended and that even if money was found it could not be determined to be the money in question. The guy who had the large amounts of cash behaved quite erratically and this caused some suspicion amongst co-workers. He now feels he was accused of taking the money- some “loaded” comments were made but no outright accusations were made.Our security department has advised they cannot complete an investigation. He is demanding an apology from all parties and an announcement made declaring his innocence. Obviously people are refusing to do this. How do we encourage him to let his good record speak for itself and move on? It’s causing friction in the workplace.

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Bank Teller’s Cash Missing

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about missing money:

Hello, My sister is a bank teller, and went to training for a week. When she returned, a large amount of cash was missing from her drawer. She told her boss, and they are investigating. However, she may be fired (or worse) — though they have no proof she took it, she’s still ‘responsible’ for it. Coworkers supposedly don’t have both combinations but that’s not for sure. Also, her boss never counted her drawer before she left for a week. (He never does, but it may be company policy). They may give lie detectors to all employees, so we are assuming my sister will then be ok. However, I’m concerned that the company may just blame her, and so the lie detector may somehow come out against her (or the real thief may pass it). She can’t afford a lawyer … should she get one now or wait and see what happens with the lie detectors? She hasn’t been ‘accused’ formally, and hopefully the real thief will come out. I just don’t want her entire career to be ruined by someone else’s illegal actions. Thank you.

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