Boss of Intern Acts in Bad Faith

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about mistreatment of an intern: Today he is writing my daughter that her work is sub – standard and that she has a poor attitude. She must “find a way to reinvent and redeem herself” or he cannot sign off on her experience (after she has devoted a year to his firm).

My daughter is working for a solo professional trying to run off hours so that she can credit it towards her future career. He promised to pay her a reasonable rate but has been erratic in his payments and she is owed considerable amounts – all of which she was willing to accept as she was getting experience in this difficult economy. However, not only does he not pay her but he hardly ever comes in to oversee her work. (He currently is setting up a home business and has other extracurricular interests which means he keeps erratic hours and will often not respond to her phone calls.)

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