New Boss Doesn’t Appreciate My Past Work

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about being misunderstood and unappreciated:

I work as a receptionist and employee applicant registration officer for a company that provides employees to specific industry in our area. I think I’m polite and kind to people and I try to resolve problems peacefully and courteously. However, most of the people I talk to on the phone or in person are rude and discourteous and are not well educated or able to communicate very well.

At first I tried to be polite and communicate effectively but after about three months of trying I started feeling very stressed and depressed over it. I started getting fed up with rude and unpleasant people demanding things from me. They are often angry, seem to give off bad energy and demand that I give them a job, even though I am not the Human Resource person, I’m just the person who takes their application.When I was hired no one told me to answer phone calls in a certain way or how I should handle the rude callers we receive.

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