Should I Report This?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about a boss who works her assistant off the clock: Should that be reported?

I have a boss who does her schoolwork on work time and asks others to assist with her schoolwork also on work time. This involves many hours per week. She has her administrative assistant working 50-60 hrs. per week and gets paid for 37.5 hours. Meanwhile the boss is out the door.

Signed, I’m Not The Boss

DearĀ I’m Not The Boss:

You are not the boss but you don’t say if you are the administrative assistant who the boss asks to assist with her schoolwork. I gather you mean the assistant works 50-60 hours and only gets paid for 37.5 and the boss doesn’t work that long. If you are the administrative assistant who is being asked to work off the clock, you should be very angry.

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