Boss Encourages Violating Chain of Command

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about mixed chain of command:

My boss is a manager and I am one grade lower (an associate manager.) I joined this group two months ago. From the very first day I was told that I was in charge of the two recruiters who report to me “up the chain” in HR. Unfortunately, these two junior employees are still reporting to my boss. For example, yesterday my boss told me to start handling my team more aggressively. But, today he sent an email to me and a peer associate manager to work on a staffing situation. When I wrote to one of my team members and gave her instructions I found out my boss had copied the junior team members on the email. One of them argued with me about what I had directed and said we should get permission from my boss about it. Finally, after some conversation she agreed to do what I requested, but I could tell she didn’t agree.What can I do to get my boss to remember to use the hierarchy, to avoid this kind of situation?

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