Where Do i Stand When Not Given A Warning?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about lateness:

I didn’t get a verbal warning I was told via email that if I continued to be late I would have money deducted. Then they took away some money from my next pay. I was then given a written warning for the same item not new lateness. Now they want to take money off my wage again even though it did not state this in the written warning. Where do I stand?

Signed, Where Do I Stand?

Dear Where Do I Stand?:

You are not in good standing. Showing up on time is 90% of keeping a job. Possibly you have had unusual and necessary reasons for arriving at work late, but your management has the right to deduct the time lost and to penalize you for being late. In short, being 10 minutes late could result in a 15-30 minute deduction in pay, or more depending on state labor laws and your employer’s policy and practice. Usually such rules are spelled out in a policy book, but there need not be a warning before pay is deducted unless that is standard operating procedure where you work.

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