Supervisor Isn’t Giving Me Enough Hours

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about wanting more hours:

I work as a security officer an work 12hr shifts and I am employed full time. When I started working for this company I was supposed to be doing full time hours and was told I would get every other week end off. I started on my first week doing 12hr shifts for the first two weeks then I went onto my normal shifts of between 48and 60 hours a week… I had a disagreement with my supervisor regarding working over Xmas I agreed that I would work Xmas day in return for New Years Eve off and was assured I would get the day off. Then, when it came around I worked then both . After this and a few more disagreements everything seemed to settle down until my grandad died.I phoned my area manager and told him what had happened and informed him I would need 2 shifts covering, which he did. It wasn’t until I needed tine for the funeral that my supervisor refused to give me the time and we had an argument and I told him I either got the time off or would be leaving to go home straight away.

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