Should I Ask For More Money to Start?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about pay: I should get paid more.

Here’s the scoop. I work in IT. I graduated college 6 months ago and started working for a big corporation almost 5 months ago. My IT team is small: with 1 other person near me and 1 other person 600 miles away at another office (who visits once per month). Of hundreds of people at my office, I’m basically almost the only software developer. So, I have a lot on my plate.

During my interview, my employer told me they’d like me to learn to develop IBM Lotus Notes applications (kinda like forms). They understand it’s dying and that hardly anyone is fluent in Lotus development. But, they figured I could learn fairly easily and include it as part of my job description. So in summary, I have all my regular stuff which takes up all of my time. Then, I’ve ordered some books to learn Lotus and I’m currently learning and fixing small problems that occur with that. I’m also teaching myself some new skills here and there for my regular duties, as needed. We recently added technology which I am an expert on and does require a bit of extra work efforts. My teammates are not experts in this particular technology (which is a SQLServer database by the way). So, as you can see I do have quite a few skills, and greater skills, than my teammates.

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Think I Should Be Paid More!

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors:

I work in a small organisation. My role started as a part time position, taking on some Finance work and some Logistics work. Within a couple of months I had taken on more and more work, and during my review I asked if they would consider making me a full time employee, which they were happy to do. Since then I have taken on more Finance work, (whilst retaining my jobs from logistics) and have seen my responsibility grow, as well as my workload. I have been made a key-holder, a bank account signatory and am responsible for handling a lot of sensitive financial and personnel information.

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