Favoritism By The Boss

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about favoritism by the boss

“My boss favors the golden boy manager. How do we (other managers and our staff)
deal with this and keep motivated?”

Our problem is about the difference between a boss and a leader. I am a manager of a Finance team and report directly to the Finance VP — along with four other managers. The problem is that the VP shows favoritism to one of the other managers and it is obvious to all other managers as well as our staff.

This favoritism ranges from giving extra support in meetings to securing financial and people resources, The ‘golden boy’ is on a pedestal (they also have a friendly relationship and have lunch together, call each other on weekends, etc).

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Supervising Those Who Don’t Respect Coworkers

A question for Ask the Workplace Doctors about supervising: How do you supervise those who don’t respect each other and are individualistic?

I am the supervisor in a kitchen at an on campus job, and I have been noticing more and more lately that the people that I work with seem to have no respect for one another, much less me, and are very individualistic, in the sense that they don’t appreciate group achievement and are more concerned with their own personal outcomes than that of the kitchen staff as a whole.

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How To Regain Motivation At Work?

A question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about regaining motivation: 


I have been at my job for almost two years now and I have lost the excitement and motivation of being there. What are some tips that could help me increase my motivation to work at my job and generally to regain motivation at work?


Feeling Blah


Dear Feeling Blah:

You don’t say what kind of work you do, but I’ll assume that it is engaging enough for you to have once felt excited and motivated about working there. I’ll also assume that you are in a job where you can interact with people, at least sometimes. If your situation is much different than that, let us know. The following are some thoughts that might be helpful, although I’m sure you’ll have to adjust them for your personality, the work culture and work environment. If you adapt them, I’m confident you can regain motivation at work.

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Team Focus and Motivation

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about team motivation:

How can you keep your team focused and motivated to do a project?

Signed,  Needs Focus

Dear Needs Focus:

Our site is better able to address a question that more fully explains what prompts a question than does yours. Please describe: What kind of team project? How were its members selected? When does it meet? Who’s in charge? What has it done so far? To whom does it report? Who are you; a team lead, unhappy team member, facilitator, coach, boss, HR rep??? Until and if you tell us more, you can scan our advice to team questions in our Archives.

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