Is It Illegal to Play Music in the Warehouse?

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about laws regarding listening to music while working:

Me and like 98% of my co-workers have no problem with music being played as long as it’s quiet enough to hear everything else around for obvious safety reasons. Our lead hand, who sort of abuses authority, tells us all the time “no music in the warehouse it’s against the law. So we’re forced to turn them off. I’m in Vancouver Canada B.C. and I’m just wondering if it really is against the law or is he just saying this?
Signed Forced Turned Off

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Radios–Turn Them Off

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about radios:

I wish to stop the use of radios in my work place – is there a health and safety reason I can call on to enforce this?

Signed, Turn Them Off

Dear Turn Them Off:

What you want, of course, matters most to you, but what matters most in finding the best answer to your question is: What policy regarding radios will make your workplace safe and not interfere with your employees’ concentration or happiness while doing their work?There can be good reasons to have and not to have radios in certain work areas. Those who make policy and the rules need to consider the pros and cons for your particular work areas. Rather than to repeat these considerations, read on and you will discover our attempts to address a host of issues of radios in the workplace.

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