MP3 Distractions

Question to Ask the Workplace Doctors about personal MP3 players:

Is the use of personal MP3 players a detrimental distraction in the workplace? Specifically speaking in an aerospace component overhaul facility? I need to prove or disprove this for the employees that work there and use these devices.

Signed, Music Critic

Dear Music Critic:

Check our Archives. We have many questions from individuals who wish to make the same kind of argument as you. For example: Two Q&As you might review are: Radios–Turn Them Off And a more recent Q&A Loud, Loud Music that includes this bit of information: The Federal government says levels over 85 dB are dangerous. A vacuum cleaner runs about 70 dB, a jackhammer at 100 dB, and sandblasting about 110 dB.

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